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Beware of Coronavirus Criminals

Money scams are unfortunately nothing new, but in the coronavirus pandemic, scammers are becoming more inventive.

Here are some warning signs and tips to help you stay safe.

Fake Businesses

Cyber-fraudsters are targeting cash strapped businesses applying for emergency funds. They are sending emails purporting to be from HMRC asking for bank details to access the government’s coronavirus job retention scheme.

Scammers have also posed as the police, issuing fake fines via email for ‘trading unlawfully’ during the pandemic.


Emails and messages which tempt you to disclose passwords or open links are definitely on the rise. There are many reports of messages from HMRC offering ‘goodwill payments’ of several hundred pounds.

Check the source of emails, for example the gov.uk address.

Since schools closed, the Department for Education warned of a scam which was trying to dupe parents into paying fake fines for breaking lockdown rules. It’s easy to fall for these scams.

Danger on your doorstep

Fraudsters are increasingly appearing on our doorsteps too, posing as charity workers, selling hand sanitiser or offering virus tests. Criminals have also been caught pretending to be volunteers willing to shop for the elderly, wanting payment up front. Be vigilant.

Keep your personal information safe

Even if you believe someone is from a legitimate organisation, do not give out your bank details or any personal information.

Savers beware

Savers have also been urged to avoid making pension choices as some phishing emails have targeted investors starved of income.

The Pensions regulator and the Financial Conduct Authority issued a joint statement urging people not to make snap decisions about pension in the crisis.

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The information was correct at time of publishing but may now be out of date.

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19th June, 2020
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