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Meet the team – Benjamin Day


Benjamin Day

Job title

Director of Business Funding

How long have you been at Cowgills? 

2 and a half years, absolutely flown by.

Ok, so what exactly do you do?

I help businesses find the right funding solutions for them, usually to support their growth.

Give us some highlights

The first deal is always a highlight, in this instance it was within 6 weeks, a £250k loan to a road surfacing business to enable them to fund a new contract.

Not so much a highlight, more job satisfaction, but I always enjoy speaking to clients that I’ve assisted to find that the funding has really helped and that they’re absolutely flying!

What challenges do you find clients are experiencing at the moment, and how are you helping them to overcome them?

A big challenge for me is funding in the construction sector, banks certainly don’t like it but there are some decent lenders out there who are very supportive.  It can be difficult to structure the right deal that works for the client (and not just the lender), but I do like a challenge so very much something I enjoy!!

Any tips?

Two tips spring to mind:

  1. Be proactive, don’t leave the funding until the last minute because then you have to factor in those lenders that can do something quickly which invariably costs more!
  2. Always review your finance facilities, as your business evolves so will your funding requirements!

The information was correct at time of publishing but may now be out of date.

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Posted by Cowgills
27th January, 2020
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