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Meet the team – Nilesh Modhvadia


Nilesh Modhvadia

How long have you been at Cowgills?

1 year, however my accountancy experience spans over 12 years

What exactly do you do?

Day to day I work with a number and variety of property & construction clients providing support with their ongoing audit, accountancy and advisory requirements such as remuneration and tax planning, annual statutory audit and year end accounts. In addition, I oversee the a number of client relationships, which involves identifying structuring, VAT and funding opportunities, which in turn result in introductions to the wider Cowgills property & construction team.

Give us some highlights.

I enjoy nothing more than sitting down with clients to understand the challenges they are facing and providing them with commercial solutions to overcome these challenges. Following the recent client growth we have seen within the team I don’t recall a single client to whom we have not added value following them making the switch, a couple of examples include introducing funders in order to facilitate growth and providing structuring advice on the back of this as well as identifying opportunities to reclaim VAT/tax on historic costs incurred.

What challenges do you find clients are experiencing at the moment, and how are you helping them to overcome them?

The two biggest challenges (in no particular order) that many of my clients are facing relate to funding and the uncertainty that surrounds Brexit. From a funding perspective we have an in-house Finance Director (Dave Rainford) who plays an integral role in assisting clients with their ongoing and new funding requirements with my role being that of understanding the clients requirements and supporting with the structuring of operations in the most tax efficient manner alongside the funding process.

We all hate the “B” word, however as much as we all hate the uncertainty it is causing clients are certainly operating in a more cautious manner with a number of clients deferring plans and opportunities until the fiasco draws to a close. As advisors we act as a sounding board to our clients providing hands on advice taking into account risk appetite, future plans, the market in general as well as tax implications, which are critical to any decision making process.

Any tips?

Never assume what you’re doing is right just because “it’s always been done that way” – more often than not, it’s probably not.


The information was correct at time of publishing but may now be out of date.

Posted by Cowgills
31st October, 2019
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