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Moving to Microsoft 365

Many SME businesses have installed Microsoft 365, previously known as Office 365, but a large proportion are missing out on a wide range of tools and services that the package has to offer.

In this article, Stephen Tattersall from Cowgills Tech looks at the benefits of a Microsoft 365 implementation and how to best use the subscription to improve business efficiency and resilience.

About Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 was launched back in 2011 and many businesses have made the switch away from the traditional on-premise infrastructure. In fact, thousands of businesses continue to make the switch each month.

From a single contractor though to large organisations there is an array of licencing options. Microsoft 365 is a proven platform and in the main, migration can be straightforward if managed and implemented correctly. Once migrated you will be reaping the benefits almost immediately. If you are at a crossroads and it’s time to review your current IT infrastructure it could be a very cost-effective option.

For new businesses you can be up and running on Microsoft 365 quickly and cost effectively. Microsoft 365 pricing is very uncomplicated meaning you pay for what you need with a wide range of subscriptions to choose from.

Assess your requirements

Prior to migrating or getting setup on Microsoft 365 you should assess your requirements and what you want out of the platform. Using a good reseller can make your aware of the functionality and many features that are available and the ones that are of most use to your business.

Licencing is very flexible with the ability to add and remove licences to suit your current staffing levels and change if needed. Also, you may have roles in your business with different requirements meaning that you can vary the different licences and cost across the organisation to suit.

Benefits to your business

On premise infrastructure requires resource to manage, maintain and keep updated. Migrating to Microsoft 365 allows you to streamline your business, effectively outsourcing core apps to Microsoft and at the same time benefit from the inbuilt security and protection on offer as standard.

Although a lot of the tasks in Microsoft 365 can be administered in house if you have bought from a reputable reseller, they can assist you with the more complex tasks and possible support queries and at the same time highlight features that you are paying for but may not be aware of.

As the working environment is continually evolving you want your business to adapt and be flexible. As Microsoft 365 is cloud based there are no geographical boundaries, colleagues can work from a variety of locations and still access emails, files and folders on an array of different devices.

Microsoft 365 contains collaboration tools allowing employees to be productive from anywhere whilst staying connected with colleagues. With so many businesses already using Microsoft 365, you can interact with them using minimal effort.

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25th September, 2020
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