“Each requirement for property finance is different and requires a bespoke solution. Property owners and developers need this finance delivered in a pragmatic and often speedy and flexible fashion”

David Rainford, Cowgill Holloway


Property backed funding requirements come in many different guises. Bridging loans, property development, mezzanine funding, refurbishment of both residential and commercial properties and auction purchases are only a few.

Some investors and developers choose to go it alone when deciding which finance deal is best for them.  They are understandably concerned about expensive broker fees especially as often the broker may lack sector experience.   Along with concerns surrounding the independence of brokers and a scarcity of diverse contacts borrowers can end up diverting time from core business into lengthy and fruitless discussions with funders and more worryingly a final deal which is not the best available option.

At Cowgill Holloway we have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team who can assist across the whole funding spectrum.  Over the last 20 years we have built up great relationships with property finance funders, which means we can be confident that our coverage is second to none.

We ensure that the lenders we work with are flexible and understanding of our clients’ individual requirements and recognise the importance of delivering quickly when required.

Our clients benefit from our advice on individual transactions and also on an advisory basis where we can effectively work alongside their management team.   From comparable pricing to investment and development structures, at Cowgill Holloway we use our breadth of knowledge and experience from the last two decades to negotiate the most competitive and suitable terms for your needs.

Not only does our knowledge save you money, but our client fees are totally transparent and should we receive any commission these would be fully disclosed.  This ensures we are totally independent.

“When we needed funding for the development of Axwell Park (www.axwellpark.co.uk), the knowledge and support of Cowgill Holloway was invaluable in an area which can be a minefield for borrowers.  David Rainford and his team had a superb understanding of what was available in the marketplace and we truly believe that without this expertise and insight we would not have secured the excellent final deal which we did. This is now leading on to funding for other projects.”

Alexander Dawson BSc (Hons) FRICS Dip Bldg Cons (RICS), Director, Eight Property Ltd