Our in-house team of R&D tax specialists have over 13 years’ experience in submitting successful R&D tax claims for clients across a range of sectors.

You will see from our case studies that we’ve submitted successful claims for companies in the chemical, IT, manufacturing and engineering industries. We have worked to build up a very good relationship with HMRC to ensure our claims are meeting their criteria – it’s because of this relationship that to date, we’ve never had a claim rejected!

Our approach

Our approach is designed to minimise disruption, and maximise returns. We begin by having a meeting with you to identify whether you meet HMRC’s eligibility criteria, and to get an understanding of the potentially eligible activities.

Once we have confirmed your eligibility, and to which scheme, we’ll discuss the projects relating to R&D, obtaining the information we need from you for the claim. We will then complete the report (both the financial and technical elements) and submit this to HMRC on your behalf.

We submit these claims to HMRC on your behalf so that any questions they raise are directed at us, rather than you (freeing up your time to continue running your business). Having worked closely with HMRC on R&D tax relief for the last 13 years we work to produce a report that should answer all their questions in the first instance.

In our experience, after your claim has been submitted it usually takes around 6 weeks for the claim to be accepted, any questions raised and payment made. It is only once you have received your payment that you will need to pay us – we want to improve your cash flow, not reduce it.

Working with accountants

We don’t just work with businesses, we also work with accountants. Due to the complexities of R&D, many accountancy firms choose to outsource their clients’ claims to us – they know they can trust us to submit successful claims for them and their clients.

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