About Us

Our in-house team of R&D tax specialists have over 13 years’ experience in submitting successful R&D tax claims for clients across a range of sectors. Get in touch to find out more.

About Us

At Cowgills and within the R&D team, we have a long track record in providing quality financial services to large and small businesses across the UK. We firmly believe that our approach, quality and reliability of our work is the key to the success of each claim we submit on behalf of our clients.

Our successful claims record can only be achieved by having a close working relationship with HMRC which ensures that all our R&D tax claims meet their strict criteria.

With over over 13 years’ experience our in-house team of R&D tax specialists have submitted successful R&D tax claims for clients across a wide range of industry sectors right across the UK. We don’t have a one size fits all approach, each R&D Tax claim is specifically tailored to each client which is why we have an enviable success rate.

Sector Experience





While our approach is tailored individually to the R&D claim needs of each client, in terms of specific experience, we’ve got an extensive and proven track record in a variety of sectors.

R&D Construction Claims

We understand that construction is unlike any other sector. R&D in this sector has the potential to produce unqualified success, but it takes expert help to fully classify the work you’ve done and get the full tax benefits from it

As a firm, we were one of the first accountants to create a niche in this sector. We are still the only firm in the North West offering the construction sector a complete full-service accountancy and business advisory service from accounts to R&D. In a nutshell, this means we work with other businesses like yours, understanding what it is you do and where you’re going.

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R&D Engineering Claims

Of all the sectors we work with, we find engineering dovetails best with R&D, as researching and developing new techniques is a pre-requisite of your job.

At the heart of it, engineering is all about creating things or making them work better than they did. This can only be achieved via a high level of creativity and problem solving that is unique to the sector – it’s a hotbed for R&D!

We do find that many manufacturing and engineering firms are unaware that what they do is actually R&D and not just part of their day-to-day role.

That’s why it’s so important to partner with a firm who understand what it is that you do and if it qualifies for R&D tax relief.

This is exactly what we did with one of our engineering clients, with more details available here.

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R&D Software Claims

If you’re working on developing software, it is more than likely that some of your work qualifies for R&D tax credits. It’s one of the hardest sectors to clearly and consistently identify what is eligible under the guidelines issued by HMRC.

In order for qualifying R&D to take place, an ‘advancement’ must be made and the objective of the work must go beyond routine analysis, copying or adaptation of an existing software product or process.

It is essential that you partner with a firm who not only takes the time to know your business, but also knows the way HMRC works and what information they are looking for.

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Other Sector Experience

We don’t just work with the sectors above, we also have experience in a range of different industries and can inform our clients on the exact range of regulations and processes related to their industry and help them find the best approach for a claim.

If you speak to our team today, we will be able to inform you on the specifics of how an R&D claim could work for your company.

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Making an R&D tax relief claim is a straight forward process with Cowgills R&D team

Whatever sector your business is in our team of experts can guide you through the R&D claims process.

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How do we handle your claim?

We’ll work with you to get to know your business and understand how R&D fits into it, allowing us to get a deeper understanding of your potential claim and work out the most efficient way of preparing your R&D tax claim.

We’ll help you to prepare and submit the claim on your behalf and answer any questions HMRC may have for you.

We're here to help

We’re part of a wider ‘full service’ practice. This means that when we work on your claim, we’ll also provide sound business advice, all at no extra cost. As part of our service, we provide a wider view of your R&D expenditure, including other tax implications.

Our knowledge comes from over 35 years of delivering services to our clients and along with our sector specialist offerings, we provide a unique approach to R&D claims.

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Success Stories

We appreciate that many companies looking into an R&D tax claim will want to assess our expertise.
With this in mind, here are some examples of R&D claim services we have provided to other companies.

Jon Matthews Architects Ltd

R&D claims equaling £40k per annum

Cowgills have been our trusted R&D advisors for a number of years and have assisted us with making claims which has always been an efficient and simple process. James, Dominic and Claudia hosted a large meeting with the Company’s specialists to ensure they understand the criteria for qualifying R&D and effectively log/record the work carried out. This has been extremely useful and allowed us to maximise the claims as much as possible.


LED and content services supplier to the Sports and Entertainment Industries

ADI has developed an excellent relationship with the Cowgills' R&D team over several years. The business has an ongoing commitment to R&D and Innovation supporting the development of our products and services we offer our customers. We have regular meetings when it comes to preparing our R&D tax relief claim to discuss the projects we have undertaken and activities involved during the development process. Cowgills support has been invaluable throughout the R&D rebate process, providing clear guidance and support as required and excellent communication clearly. They have often highlighted areas where we qualify for support that we were not aware of.

Lily Communications Ltd

Business communications and I.T. solutions

We discussed the Company’s activities with Cowgills in February 2021 and they have since assisted us with preparing robust and thorough R&D claims, ensuring that up-to-date guidance is taken in to consideration. They have also supported us with the write-up of thorough summaries of the projects undertaken to justify the claims to HMRC, which has made the process as simple as possible.