Our team deal with a range of businesses varying in size, sectors and issues and make it their priority to understand your businesses objectives to help you face your challenges head on.

No two business are the same and at Cowgills we deal with clients from a host of business sectors of varying size, complexity and all facing different issues.  Of course, checking and verification are a necessary part of an audit, and the importance of full compliance with statutory requirements goes without saying.

However, it is important to us that we do not focus purely on the compliance aspect but that we also add value and that we deliver our absolute best to our clients every time.

With this in mind, before we commence any audit fieldwork we make it our priority to really understand your business including your objectives, your systems and how you operate, the challenges you are facing and your aspirations for the future.  We then meticulously plan our audit process tailoring our approach designed to identify and overcome any problem areas and help us to advise on the future strategy and direction of your business.

Our audit process and timetable will be clearly explained at the outset, thereby avoiding unwanted surprises and unnecessary distractions from the day to day running of your business and we will bring together the most appropriate team of experienced professionals with the most relevant expertise to provide you with an exceptional quality service.

We aim to identify areas to enhance the effectiveness of your procedures and controls and at the conclusion of our audit work we provide a detailed report outlining all areas which have come to our attention.

Whether the audit is forced upon you by law, or not, it’s still no less valuable. Once complete you’ll end up with an array of information that can be used in your business and potentially increase your profits.