Does your auditor have a global brand, but without a personal service?

Do you have a common provider of audit services across your international group? This is often the case across the marketplace but we believe there is a better and more cost-effective proposition.  Time and time again we see local subsidiary companies simply “follow suit” or be “strong armed” at group level into accepting a common service provider for their audit requirements.

Whilst there is a general idea of perceived ‘ease’, this usually doesn’t transpire to be the case. The reality is that auditing firms, with multiple international locations, operate in a fashion similar to that of a franchise i.e. without any meaningful relationship existing from office to office.

What’s more, the multinational auditing brand comes at an unnecessary cost. We repeatedly see these firms significantly over-charging local subsidiary companies, for what is often relatively routine audit work.

The Solution

As a practice and in particular through our Head of International, Alex Hesketh, we have extensive experience of handling audit engagements of this nature, delivering a personal service to internationally owned regional businesses and liaising with the group auditor – ensuring their requirements are fulfilled within the necessary and often tight, time frames.

Local Service, International Network

As an active member of the IAPA network, we have developed personal relationships with other key global members. So, if one of our clients needs to access local tax advice in New York or employment law advice in Barcelona, we can facilitate this on their behalf. Indeed, we can also assist our clients in locating an overseas auditor that we trust and know is of a high quality.

We’re More Than Just Accountants

Cowgills isn’t your ordinary accountancy firm. Far from it. While we’re one of the North West’s leading independent firms of chartered accountants and business advisors, we’ve never lost sight of the fact we work with people, not just numbers.

We get to know you and your business, so we can be a better business partner for you to turn to for support and advice.