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Funding FAQ’s

We've pulled together a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand what options are available and what makes us different from others out there.

1 – Does the service cost me anything?


Commissions are paid by the funders, once a facility has been provided.  Funders should disclose to you that we are being paid a commission and full details should be available on request. However we can also provide this information to you upon request.

2 – Can I get a better deal if I approach the lenders directly?

A proportion of funders will charge the same whether or not you come to them via a third party, whilst others do have pricing models that take into account any third party commissions.

All the funders on our panel however, know that any businesses we introduce to them will normally receive quotes from more than one funder. This encourages them to offer competitive rates for equally competitive service levels.

In most instances, whereby a client has approached the funder directly, we’ve seen the quote we obtain to be less. We welcome the challenge.

3 – How would this impact on the relationship with my current accountant?

Basically, it doesn’t.

Business Funding is a service we provide to internal and external clients. We exist purely to source funding and are more than happy to work with you and your accountant.

Our Business Funding arm sits outside the main practice, which allows us to draw upon the partners’ expertise without you having to be a Cowgill’s client.

4 – There seem to be so many different types of funding available – where do we start?

There are many different types of funding, and new ones cropping up every day. This is why we’ve got a funding team. They keep abreast of all the latest funding options, to make sure they can advise you on the best options.

We have a 3-step process when it comes to sourcing business funding:

  1. Establish the amount of funding you require
  2. Review your business to understand which products may be appropriate
  3. Assess the market of funders & present the options

It’s this approach that means you’ve got someone working for your business, rather than someone selling products.

5 – Why is it so important to select the right finance provider?

Finance is not a ‘one size fits all’ product. Over time, funders have evolved and adapted products, often to match the demands of different industries.

By constantly monitoring and assessing new products, we are able to match which of these products (and funders) to what your business needs.

6 – Why do you normally refer two or three funders?

Our aim is to give you the choice. We don’t just find you one product, but present to you the products and prices which fit your criteria.

It also allows us to demonstrate our impartiality and putting the choice of funders back to the client – letting clients compare and contrast service levels and prices is very important. Of course, we’re always there to offer our advice and opinion from our experience – you’re not on your own.

7 – How do you know which funders are best for me?

Along side our years of experience, we have spent a considerable amount of time and resource in researching funders.  This then enables us to identify which funders, based on various criteria, fit with your business requirements.

We also meet with a significant proportion of funders on a quarterly basis which enables us to stay up-to-date with the latest products and innovations in services.

8 – What happens after you’ve sourced the funding?

Once your facility has commenced our role is to ensure that any issues you may experience are dealt with properly (sometimes with our involvement) or to act as a sounding board should you have any ongoing questions about the operation of your facility. From time to time we might also be able to assist with other funding or business requirements you might have.

We’ll also be continuously meeting funders, and if a new product comes available, or we think you might benefit from something else, we’ll give you a call to discuss.

9 – Do some funders provide better service/ cheaper options?

It really depends on what is most important to our client.  Service levels and rates will of course vary across the marketplace, and will often depend on the type of facility that the client prefers. Some of our clients, for example, will be entirely price driven and require less service assistance from the funder. Others will require the funder to be far more ‘hands on’ and this might be the principle driver for them.

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