In today’s rapidly evolving market, even a once successful company may be at risk, presenting a problem for owners, creditors, employees and other stakeholders. We work with financially unstable businesses and know how to quickly get the situation back to normal, thus laying the groundwork for future recovery and sustainable development.

When your business is at stake and you cannot afford to make a wrong move, urgent and effective measures are needed. In the face of a corporate crisis, most executives do not have the experience to deal with rapidly declining operating performance or to decide what needs to be done first. If this is what’s happening to your company, we are ready to provide support to your management team, share our knowledge and the hands-on experience we have gained working with a large number of distressed companies and help you stop the processes destroying your organisation.

We can help with:

  • Performing an express analysis of the business
  • Implementing urgent measures to stabilise the business
  • Review/develop financial projections
  • Conduct a financial restructure
  • Implement a restructure