We are instructed to seek offers for the assets of a smart meter installation training centre, pending forthcoming insolvency.

The company operate from rented premises which have been heavily invested in to create a mock training street, a number of workshops with boilers/consumer units/fireplaces/other appliances plus classrooms, office space, recreational space and a canteen.

The premises themselves consist of one floor of a large multi-occupational building, which is subject to an occupational lease.

The primary asset class for sale consists of the physical assets within the premises, some of which are freestanding whilst others will most likely be deemed tenant’s fixtures, leasehold improvements and suchlike.

Also included with the assets for sale should a purchaser wish, are any such rights as the company may have to its trading name and goodwill.

There is no work-in-progress or ongoing contracts. The company currently employ approximately 10 to 15 people.

The directors are currently in discussions regarding exactly which insolvency route will be appropriate to take, which will be partially dictated by the interest in the assets for sale.

Time is of the essence – please contact Jonathan Kay at Robson Kay to discuss this matter further by email at jonathan@robsonkay.co.uk or by telephone on 0161 998 8111.