Using a MVL can be a fast, low cost way of unlocking your cash tax efficiently.

The MVL process varies slightly on a case by case basis, we can assist with:

  • Filing appointment documents at Companies House
  • Publishing the appointment to liquidate in The London Gazette
  • Submitting a notice of insolvency to HMRC
  • Completion of the post-liquidation VAT return and deregister
  • Correspondence with the bank to close the account and receive company funds
  • Distribution funds to the shareholders
  • Preparation of a final report to the shareholders
  • Completion of the final corporation tax return to be submitted for the post-liquidation period

Our MVL service offers an inclusive fixed fee package, which includes every aspect of what is needed to close down your limited company. It aims to make the MVL process as simple as possible, with little input needed from you as the director. All necessary documentation will be prepared by our Insolvency Practitioner; they will also work closely with your accountant and bank to move the funds from your business bank account to you in the most tax efficient way and as swiftly as possible.