By utilising our services we believe you can provide your clients with a more reliable informative service, helping where possible to avoid insolvency proceedings.

We regularly provide advice on all types of corporate and personal insolvency procedures. Our insolvency practitioners are experienced in the most up to date rescue methods, and are capable of recommending a suitable plan that will work in the best interests of your client and ensure they remain a client in the future.

Our professional adviser services are comparable to having an in-house insolvency expert at your firm; we help you analyse and assess your client’s situation and then give you guidance as to how you can assist them most effectively. Last year we advised more than 1,000 companies of all sizes, across a variety of sectors. Many of these businesses were introduced to us by their accountants, lawyers, financial advisers and banks.

Our advice is comprehensive but typically encompasses;

  • Formal insolvency procedures, including; administrations, pre-pack administrations, company voluntary arrangement, liquidations and personal insolvency procedures.
  • Negotiations with HMRC and arrange a ‘time to pay’ agreement
  • Reviewing refinancing options
  • Negotiations with your clients bankers
  • Personal guarantee advice
  • Business reviews for banks/lenders