It is fundamental that business owners plan as far ahead in the future as possible. Not only does this allow them to develop an exit strategy but also to identify key areas that need to be addressed.

At the outset of our corporate finance relationships we normally undertake a shareholder strategy session. This allows us to understand their key drivers from both a personal and business perspective. Typical areas that we focus on include;

  • A detailed evaluation of each individual Shareholder’s objectives, including a review of current and aspirational personal financial positions.
  • An appraisal of the current company valuation.
  • Identification of required exit valuation of the company to achieve Shareholders objectives.
  • An introduction to the possible means of ‘bridging’ the gap in the above valuations.
  • Identification of the high level tools and practices that will assist and drive the growth of the business.

By having these discussions early on, we are able to add real value to our client relationships and ensure that the maximum possible value can be achieved from the business in the future.