Deal Advisory

Strategic Support

This dedicated department supports our Lead Advisory team and the wider practice. They build financial models and valuations and furthermore, work closely with our clients to provide meaningful and relevant management information to help make informed decisions.

Shareholder Review Workshops

This allows you and us to fully understand the underlying objectives of the shareholders.

Do you ask yourself, what are your personal motivations and financial aspirations? Do you know your current personal worth? Can your business fulfil your financial aspirations? Or how much money do you need to exit? Then the shareholder review is a great way for us to provide you with the ‘bigger picture’.

We use this as a way of developing a longer term strategic plan. We know that not all outcomes are the same, which is why we evaluate where you are currently, and recommend what you need to do to meet your objectives giving you realistic timelines to meet those objectives.

MI Reporting Packs

Timely and meaningful management information is essential to enable shareholders to make the right decisions with their business.

Our strategic support team have many years of experience in preparing bespoke management reporting pack which gives you a snapshot of your business on a monthly basis. Using this service will ensure your business remain on the right track. It also makes future sale process run smoothly should that be the route you are ready to go down.


Valuations are needed for many reasons, from planning your sale, to shareholder exits and shareholder/matrimonial disputes. Our team have the experience and tools to carry out a full assessment which will help you understand the value of your business.

Financial Forecasting

If you are wanting to prepare your business for exit, or are at the stage where you are looking to grow and expand, then look no further.

Short and long term financial forecasts are a practical tool to enable directors and shareholders to understand the direction and funding requirements of the business. Our team have the knowledge and experience to provide short term cash flow forecasts to support short term fund requirements, as well as bespoke long range fully integrated financial models for both strategic planning and fund raising.

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