About Esterchem

Esterchem are a chemical manufacturing company with one of the latest state of the art Ester production plants in Europe. Founded in 1998, the company covers all elements of Ester manufacturing, from production and supply, through to research and technical support.

About the claim

Esterchem were already claiming R&D tax credits before engaging Cowgill Holloway. However, after reviewing the company’s historic claim with Cowgill Holloway, our team quickly realised the company hadn’t maximised their entitlement for the previous year. This included internal engineering and capital works which both contained technical advancements and were a necessary requirement to facilitate identifiable projects.

We evaluated costs for a new claim in relation to a variety of projects involving the manufacturing of new ester combinations to operate in new markets (an Ester being a specific chemical compound). As well as utility costs and relevant capital expenditure, staff costs were evaluated and determined to be either engineering or lab and production and then factored into the claim.

Following the collation of new data, we then revisited Esterchem’s previous claim and identified relevant areas of qualifying projects that had been originally missed and prepared a re-submission.

As a result of this work, Esterchem were awarded £30,000 additional benefit in respect of a previous year and almost £205,000 for their new claim.