About Eventura

Eventura offer a comprehensive range of managed IT services, IT support and business systems to organisations throughout the North of England. They provide an alternative to other managed service providers who offer support solutions from large, often off-shore contact centres

About the claim

Cowgill Holloway identified that Eventura could be eligible for the Government’s R&D tax relief, as the eligibility covers software companies. The R&D team at Cowgill Holloway visited Eventura to gain a better understanding of Eventura’s activities and highlight the potential benefits that a claim for R&D tax relief could offer.

From their initial visit Jonathan Connor and the team were able to isolate projects which met the qualifying conditions under the R&D criteria.  Eventura’s activity included new technological advances in enabling certain software of varying ages to interface and communicate, through to technical advancements of accounting software.

The cost of the projects undertaken spanned multiple years, due to the challenging nature of the solutions being developed and the fast moving nature of the software industry. Claims were then lodged for the previous two years, with the main qualifying activity being the staff costs of the developers working on the projects.

Following the submission of the claim, Eventura received an average benefit of £10,000 per annum.