About Insider Technologies

Insider Technologies specialise in High Volume Transaction Processing Systems – monitoring, tracking, analysis and effective alerting of electronic transactions. They monitor systems and environments in several different areas such as physical and logical systems, internal data flow and social media, to provide alerts and interpretation of the data.

About the claim

Insider Technologies were not initially aware of R&D Tax Relief or that the opportunity was afforded to software companies. As a result, the first step for Cowgill Holloway was for Jonathan Connor to visit the company and provide a full presentation on the potential benefits for the company and gain a better understanding of the company’s activities.

Following the initial visit to understand more about the project, the Cowgill Holloway R&D team identified eight projects that fell within the remit of the R&D criteria. This activity ranged from new technological advances in volume data processing and security through to technical advancements on previous platform releases. The costing for these projects generally spanned multiple year ends due to the complexity of the solutions being developed, and the fast moving nature of the software sector leading to a continual evolution.

We then placed claims for the previous three year ends with the main qualifying activity being staff costs for the developers who worked on the projects. These successful claims resulted in an average benefit for Insider Technologies of £60,000 per annum.