About RAW Group

Randall & Walsh (RAW) are a leading specialist in pollution response and sustainable remediation, they specialise in the design and implementation of sustainable, cost effective and pragmatic remediation solutions around the world. They are also members of the UK Spill Association and currently manage over 700 related projects a year.

About the claim

RAW conduct a large proportion of standard remediation projects, and work on a variety of projects every year which require the input of chemists in order to seek alternative solutions. In order to understand the various tasks and problem-solving fundamentals his team were required to undertake on relevant projects the Cowgill Holloway R&D team spent time with the company’s scientists to fully understand the process, ensuring the claim was both maximised and sufficiently explained to HMRC.

Due to the scale of the operation, the team then looked at the best method for collating qualifying costs and effectively excluding non-qualifying elements of projects. A sophisticated set of parameters was formulated and initial manual testing undertaken to ensure this process would work accurately for the company in future years.

As a result of the R&D claim, RAW were able to claim an average £80,000 per annum. Also, because of the diligent first year work put into a bespoke data handling system, the additional ongoing burden of collating information has been reduced.