About Walmsleys

As an engineering supplier and design consultant, Walmsleys have been linked to the paper making industry for over a century. The company offers onsite engineering to improve industry machinery in terms of quality performance and capability.

About the claim

The Cowgill Holloway team spent time researching Walmsleys project presentations to gain a better understanding of their business, and to assess which projects could be eligible.

It became apparent that a major key to the claim was a contrasting approach with larger firms who, in general, have big design teams seeking projects related to major volumes or large fees. Walmsleys engage in large amounts of smaller bespoke work for specific clients, often relating to a particular piece of machinery. They very rarely fully reuse their designs due to the unique variables which generally apply to the work.

Walmsleys have a dedicated design team who are supported by a much larger team of skilled individuals who assist in prototyping or the everyday activities of the company, such as Yankee Dryer refurbishments. All knowledge is internally sought as Walmsleys staff are specialists in their field, therefore the main cost incurred by these projects was in relation to these highly skilled design team members.

A successful claim was lodged with HMRC resulting in a tax benefit of £100,000 per annum. On the back of this achievement, Cowgill Holloway has since presented twice to the BPMA (British Paper Manufacturer’s Association), raising awareness of R&D tax relief to the industry.