“Are we eligible, even though we aren’t a high-tech company?”

The R&D tax relief scheme isn’t just for high-tech companies – any company which is liable for corporation tax may be able to claim. We have advised firms ranging across many sectors – many of which are proud to share their stories with you in our case studies section.

“My accountant thinks I may not be eligible, and hasn’t entered a claim – is this right?”

Whilst your accountant may think this, it is often worth getting a second opinion – we have worked with many clients who were advised that their business would not meet the criteria, and have then received successful claims from HMRC. It is through our specialist experience in this field that we are able to spot opportunities for claims that may have previously been missed. Similarly, we have also completed retrospective claims for businesses whereby their previous claims weren’t maximised, such as Esterchem in our case studies section.


“My business didn’t keep detailed records of R&D time and costs during the project – are we still able to claim?”

Firstly, our team will review the evidence you have, and assess whether it meets the criteria set out by HMRC. If you have not submitted a claim before, they can sometimes be more lenient towards this issue. We can discuss a potential claim based on a “reasonable assessment” for time estimates relating to qualifying activities.


“Can I claim if our R&D is done by other people?”

If you use specialist subcontractors to assist in particular phases of the claim you may be able to claim a proportion of these costs back under HMRC’s criteria.


“Is my business too small to claim?”

If your business is liable for corporation tax then you could be eligible for a claim – in fact the scheme for SMEs is more generous than for large companies – find out more about the two schemes in our about R&D tax credits section.


“Can I claim for a project that hasn’t been completed?”

The Government introduced R&D tax relief as a way of rewarding innovation, not necessarily just success, therefore within their criteria they do allow for unsuccessful projects to be claimed against. If you have an unsuccessful project you can still make a claim up to the point where you consider the development failed and was aborted. We can determine which projects can be included in your claim.

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